A wide portfolio to suite everyone’s needs.

  • Compatible with all major insulin pens
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced features for comfortable use


All features

Clear needle cap

Minimises needle stick injuries and makes air shot inspection easier

Double silicone coating

Special double layer silicone coating ensures a smooth needle insertion, resulting in minimal pain.

Excellent ergonomic grip

For easy cap removal.

Thin wall technology

The large inner diameter allows an optimal insulin flow and this will result in reduced injection force, reduced injection duration, and - most importantly - reduced pain.

Ultra sharp tip

Ultra sharp tip ensures a clean, precise penetration of the skin.

Universal fit

Compatible with all major insulin pens.

Pip codes

Pip code Length Diameter Color
4079398 4 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)
4079448 4 mm 32 G (0.23 mm)
4079414 5 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)
4079380 5 mm 32 G (0.23 mm)
4079422 6 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)
4079398 6 mm 32 G (0.23 mm)
4079430 8 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)


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