A wide portfolio to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Compatible with all major insulin pens
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced features for comfortable use


All features

Excellent ergonomic grip

For easy cap removal.

Double silicone coating

Special double layer silicone coating ensures a smooth needle insertion, resulting in minimal pain.

Clear needle cap

Minimises needle stick injuries and makes air shot inspection easier

Ultra sharp tip

Ultra sharp tip ensures a clean, precise penetration of the skin.

Thin wall technology

The large inner diameter allows an optimal insulin flow and this will result in reduced injection force, reduced injection duration, and - most importantly - reduced pain.

Universal fit

Compatible with all major insulin pens.

Pip codes

Pip code Length Diameter Color
4079398 4 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)
4079448 4 mm 32 G (0.23 mm)
4079414 5 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)
4079380 5 mm 32 G (0.23 mm)
4079422 6 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)
4079398 6 mm 32 G (0.23 mm)
4079430 8 mm 31 G (0.25 mm)


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